Monday, June 01, 2009

I want to know!

What is U.S. Figure Skating up to? I want to know!

Is anyone else annoyingly intrigued with the fact that they left a mystery opening at Skate America for the ladies? Why would they do that? Why?

Sasha Cohen goes...sure. Flatt makes sense. But they could have easily put Caroline Zhang there, or Ashley Wagner, or how about the National Champ, Alissa Czisny! But they didn't, they spread the top U.S. talent out to other Grand Prix Assignments. Why leave the line-up for the biggest international competition the U.S. will host this season a mystery? Why, why, why?

My instant thought, but I caution myself that there is a good chance I'm getting way ahead of myself here and totally off-base, is that they are saving that spot for Michelle Kwan. That she's talked with U.S. Figure Skating, stated that she would like to compete there, but doesn't want to commit herself to the return just yet. A little more quiet training time. But that's probably not what's going on...right?

I'll be very interested to see who gets that TBD spot. I'm watching with much anticipation


Katrina said...

I'm annoyed that it's not going to Alissa Czisny. She deserves it a whole lot more than Kwan. I think Kwan trying to come back is a huge mistake.

jumping clapping man said... thoughts exactly! the "TBD" for provoked one question: "Kwan?"

katrina, czisny is slated to go to canada and russia...why feel sorry for her? she meets an easier field in canada than she would at S.A., so her chances are even better there anyways.

if it turns out the spot is being saved for kwan, i do hope that a usfsa committee assesses her current competitive viability...BUT, if that is proven, she is a legend, changed our sport, and would inject gobs of interest and energy into our field and sport...bring it on!!!

Maat said...

rumor has it Cziny requested Skate Canada.

I do think it is a mistake for USFSA to look backwards and not forwards. I hope this is not what they are doing.

Maybe they are going to evaluate Hughes in a summer comp? Some of the US ladies with one 1 spot?

Aaron said...

I thought about Emily Hughes...but even if they do give her an assignment I can't imagine they'd give her Skate America. Skate America is where the U.S. should be putting it's best foot forward. Flatt and Cohen fit the bill...Hughes does not.

I also can't see them hanging on to the selection "in case" Gilles or Liang manage to medal at their GP events and they want to give them a shot at the GP Final (a tactic they are clearly trying in the pairs field!)...those two just ain't gonna make it to the GP Final.

That spot has got to be something special...

Aaron said...

And can someone tell me how the U.S. Ladies managed three entries in each Grand Prix Event?

jumping clapping man said...



Aaron said...

Only if they give her three events (unlikely). She's already scheduled to compete at Cup of Russia and NHK.

jumping clapping man said...

oops, i completely overlooked that. wow. she was lucky.