Thursday, June 11, 2009

Music, please

Slowly, music choice for the upcoming season are starting to trickle in.

Just got word from @tokitama69 on Twitter that Akiko Suzuki of Japan will be skating to "Riverdance" for her SP and (gasp) the dreaded "West Side Story" for her free skate.

Emily Hughes, also via Twitter, announced she'll be skating to "Caprice Bohèmien" by Rachmaninoff for her SP.

Belbin and Agosto have a Star Trek themed Free Dance (facetious smile).

I knew someone else's music but can't remember now...

Post if you know anyone else's music so we can comment.


APersonNamedSara said...

more music news.

Aaron said...

Thanks a person named sara! ;-)

Katrina said...

I'd rather have "West Side Story" than say Romeo and Juliet. Kimmie is doing that for her long program and her short program is Un Ange Passe.

I'm so sick of people using Romeo and Juliet, or at least the main movement.

APersonNamedSara said...

I think Kimmie said she's using a not-so-used part...I think.

Aaron said...

Appears Jeremy Abbott has picked his music:
SP Music: A Day in the Life by The Beatles

LP Music: Jupiter from Gustav Holst's "The Planets Suite

FYI...I love Holst's "The Planet." Smart choice for an Olympic Year.