Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Pic of the Week

This young man may get the unbelievable chance of a lifetime!

In most instances, the host country of figure skating events usually has a skater that compete with the best. Usually, skating events are held in places where big names in skating exist. Japan, Canada, United States, Korea, France, know where skating events are held often.

But rarely, just rarely, they hold events in places that don't always get a lot of skating attention. I always imagine what it would be like for a skater that may have never imagined having the opportunity to compete on home soil actually get that chance?

Charles Shou-San Pao represents Chinese Taipei. I actually had the chance to see him in action at both the World Championships in Los Angeles and the Four Continents Cup in Vancouver. He has a lot of spunk and fortune has smiled upon him...

At the ISU June conference, they made several provisional allotments for future events. Lucky for Pao, the ISU granted the 2011 ISU Four Continents Cup to Chinese Taipei. If Charles is still a member of the Chinese Taipei national team at that point, he'll get the chance to represent his home country...on home ice!

I know competing at home both adds pressure and gives a confidence boost and there are certainly pros and cons; but for a skater like Pao...this may be a once in a lifetime opportunity, Carpe diem!

Just an aside, I love the questions that are coming in for my Q&A...keep them coming!

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