Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Pic of the Week

Alissa Czisny, I feel, is getting lost in translation.

Out of retirement translation that is.

The Olympic Games are looming and the U.S. has only two spots available (insert horrified!). All the attention seems to be going towards Cohen's return and the part in a horror/suspense movie when you know something is coming but it takes forever...kind of like Kwan's decision to return or not. Alissa Czisny is a fan favorite...until past champions return.

But what of our National Champion? My goodness, you have to really think about it to remember that she IS the reigning National Champ. Snubbed for Skate America 'just in case' Kwan comes back, free skate not even shown on T.V. from L.A., little media attention. At least Skating Magazine had the good graces to give her 4 pages in their June/July edition.

I was talking ice with a friend and her comment shocked me' "Well, Alissa blew it in L.A., so if she doesn't make the Olympic Team I won't feel bad for her." Ouch! But I get the feeling that there is a general consensus out there that Alissa isn't one of the two 'candidates of choice' for Vancouver. Maybe the comment my friend made wasn't off base at all? Maybe I'm wrong, but when you think about who should be on that Olympic team does Czisny come to mind as a leading candidate (chance for Czisny fans to come to the rescue here!)?

Anywho, it's her birthday tomorrow and she's turning the ripe ole' age of 22. That does make her one of the 'older' (but certainly not the oldest) ladies that will be competing for a shot in Vancouver but by no means 'over the hill.' (Glasses raised) Here's to Czisny; that she have a great birthday and may she not be completely invisible next season (clink!).


Maat said...

I love Alyssa's skating, and I would love for her to put out a strong set of performances this year, and be on the Olympic team. However, given the consitency of Zhang and Flatt, the fact that they did better in their international competions, I feel they are the leading candidates.

Not that Cziny isn't a candidate for the US Olympic team, but I think that USFSA are really going to look at the performance during the whole season.

That being said, my dream team would probably be Cziny and Meissner... (but then I'm not invested in the US making the most medals). Then Flatt, Zhang and Nagasu can all go in 2014!

Now that I think about it, I realised that it doesn't matter who the US sends for ladies, I think they will have a hard time medalling.

yes, I am totally counting out Cohen, but I really think it will be hard for her to be back after not competing for 4 years, I am not sure she has what it takes.

Kwan coming back? Why would she? Going to the Olympics and not winning will make her seem silly, givin all her accomplishments. And I think the only ones who can dream of gold are Kim, Asada, with Ando and Rochette a possibility.

Katrina said...

I agree with Maat to an extant though I would put Cziny over Zhang and Nagasu. I adore Flatt as well. I love Alissa but to me, she's like Sasha. She's got head problems sometimes. That's why my two women's picks for the Olympic team to the US are Kimmie and Flatt.

Anonymous said...

I also love Alyssa's skating. She had a lot of pressure on her at Worlds. She's a lovely skater and those young girls should try and skate like her.

I don't think Michelle should come back. In life sometimes things don't work out (not getting the olympic gold medal) She sould just accept it and move on.

I'm hoping that the girls who make it are Flatt and Cziny or Meissner.

We shall see.