Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Yet more shuffling...

(Insert "Hustle" music)"Do the Shuffle...Da da da da da da da da da"

Yes, we come to another round of coaching changes. This time, it's Caroline Zhang, who has left her coach of 4 years Mingzhu Li and will now train under the tutledge of Charlene Wong.

No, you're not mistaken, Charlene Wong IS the coach Mirai Nagasu just left to train with Frank Carroll.

"I feel that I need a change to further improve my skating, so I have chosen to work with Charlene," Zhang to Ice Network. "I feel she will be able to add a new dimension to my skating."

Interesting, interesting, interesting. Who's next to switch coaches?

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Isobel said...

All we need is for someone to switch to Li, and we'll get a proper game of musical coaches!