Monday, July 27, 2009

The Virtual Skate Off

There is a competition taking place on Sunday...but it's not in any particular location.

ProSkaters is doing something quite unique. They're hosting a Virtual Skate Off...that's right, this competition is taking place online. I thought an interesting way to get around the expense of putting on a competition.

Jason Graetz, a board member with the Professional Figure Skaters Co-Operative contacted me about this unique competition. Never heard of ProSkaters before...they're a non-profit organization dedicated to educating professional figure skaters and building a bridge between ice show producers and skaters in the entertainment industry.

They're taking submissions for "LIFE'S BEST PROFESSIONAL PERFORMANCE" right now (today is actually the submission deadline...if you have a video, GET IT IN!), a panel of judges will review the performances this Sunday at their annual meeting in Sun Valley, Idaho, and a winner will be chosen in each of the five categories (click on each category to see the submitted videos):

Men's Singles
Women's Singles
Show Act
Production Number Ensemble Choreography

ProSkaters is planning another competition in the fall (on a global scale) so skaters can create brand new programs for entry. Jason also pointed out "it's great for the producers and skating fans to be able to see more talent from everywhere!"

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