Monday, August 17, 2009

Ice All Stars 2009

Well by all accounts the show was a success. Great job Kim Yu-Na! South Korea's skating hungry audience was delighted to the hilt, Michelle Kwan made a graceful return, and the internet is simply a buzz with skating glee! My friend Reese was able to attend (she actually had a ticket for me...but work got in the way!) and said it was a good time. Everyone on Twitter who was there was simply buzzing about the show too!

First, if your interested in seeing the show. Just head over to YouTube and search for Ice All Stars 2009. You can see many (if not all of the performances from the show there. I've put one of my favorite clips below (I still today am completely impressed by Ilia Kulik).

Second, the cast. What an exciting, if unusual collection of skaters. While I wasn't surprised to see the likes of Rippon, Lambiel, or even Kwan in the show; the presence of Denkova and Staviski shocked me a bit. That's right, Maxim Staviski. Is this his first gig since his, shall we say, trouble? Guess he didn't have to serve those 2 1/2 years after all...

Finally, when can we begin to see this kind of excitement for figure skating back in North America. I'm actually quite jealous of South Korea right now!

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sirprongs said...

Nay, I saw Staviski at a show in Germany in May, and I think he has been doing shows before that too.

Kulik was fabulous.

Ice Mom said...

I saw Ilya Kulik in Stars on Ice last spring. Just terrific.

Anonymous said...

Ilia Kulik has not lost his touch. But boy, has he aged badly. I remembered him being this really cute rosy cheek guy when he won his Olympic. He looks so different now. And not in a good way. But great skater though! I'll watch him skate any day of the week!