Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Decision Time

Over this past weekend I've had the opportunity to actually give $100 away. That was pretty fun. It was much harder deciding whom to give it too.

I'm a sucker for a compelling story so after careful review of all the submissions I made a decision.

First, all of us who are involved with figure skating know the cost associated with training for this sport. To put it frankly, figure skating is an expensive sport: ice time, driving to ice time, skates, costume designers, music, choreographer, coaches, travel, it all adds up. So when one of the submissions was a parent who would use the gift card to purchase some gear to help in her daughter's training...I felt compelled. Every little bit (especially in uncertain economic times) helps.

But what sealed the deal was the separate e-mail I received from this parent describing past troubles in dealings with Dick's Sporting Goods. I had an opportunity to not only help this parent right a past wrong, but also show the better (and I believe improved) side of Dick's Sporting Goods which was so generous in donating this gift.

So join me in congratulating @icemom for winning the $100 Gift Card from @dickssportcmo!

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1 comment:

Ice Mom said...

Thank you very much, Aaron, for the Dick's Sporting Goods $100 gift certificate.

When I told Ice Girl to watch the mail for it, she jumped up and down, then grabbed her phone to text all of her friends the good news.

Thanks again,

Ice Mom