Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Pic of the Week

This weekend give us another opportunity to check out the up and coming talent that exists in U.S. Figure Skating. I got an e-mail from a blog reader asking if Collin Brubaker was related to...and I quote..."that super hot pairs skater Rockne Brubaker." The readers e-mail was of course decorated at the end with every smiley, glittery butterfly, and text code (ttyl, lol, bff's) imaginable so I assume she was 16 at the oldest...perhaps more like 12 or 13 (Ice Girl?)...but I decided to take on her question.

The answer is yes! Collin is in fact Rockne's younger brother (did the hair give it away?). Collin, however, is an Ice Dancer as opposed to Rockne who is a Pairs skater. And lucky for us we get to see Collin and his partner Rachel Tibbetts compete this weekend in Lake Placid on the second stop in the Junior Grand Prix.

I'm super excited to see this duo because their Free Dance is to one of my favorite Andrea Bocelli songs, "En Aranjuez Con Yu Amor." This will be their third consecutive season competing on the Junior Grand Prix and this season they look to be medal contenders.

Make sure to tune in this weekend on Ice Network as they'll be streaming coverage for the Lake Placid event free of charge.

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