Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Pic of the Week

The men's competition this season will no doubt be one of the best ever.

I was skeptical about Daisuke Takahashi’s conditioning. Coming back from a knee injury isn’t easy and I worried that he wouldn’t be competition ready by the start of this season.

But he did everything right. He didn’t try to come back too soon. He followed the doctor’s orders and it looks to me that he’s ‘ship-shape and Bristol ready.’ I saw his short program debut from Carnival on Ice and he looks like a totally new skater. The jumps looked great and the choreography looks up-to-par to compete with the best in the world.

With Daisuke Takahashi back in commission, the Japanese Men’s Team looks very, VERY strong as we push towards Vancouver.

Japanese Olympic Podium sweep?

The video below is a bit odd. Competing Tango's I call it. It's Daisuke's new Short Program at both Dreams on Ice 2008 (pre-knee injury, on the left) and the recent Carnival on Ice 2009 (on the right). Apparently this would have been his short had he competed last season but he's had a year to perfect it and you can tell how improved it is. I love it!

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