Friday, October 23, 2009

Rostelecom Cup Short Program Flash Pt. 1

Davis and White (USA) - Strong Compulsories...really strong! Close to Virtue and Moir's TEB score.

Bazarova and Larionov (Russia) - Their pairs basics are lovely.

Della Monica and Kocon (Italy) - Great opening, lost some steam.

Martiusheva and Rogonov (Russia) - Sharp. Surprised such an accomplished team only had side-by-side double axels. Their placement shocked me though!

McLaughlin and Brubaker (USA) - How lovely! I haven't seen an American pair look this "pretty" since Meno and Sand, perfect choice in Unchained Melody. Salchows where golden. I was so hoping that throw was going to be perfect but good fight anyway. They look fit and very accomplsihed.

Kavaguti and Smirnov (Russia) - Surprising fall for Yuko. That final spin seemed like it lasted for 80 years. Second half of the program seemed heavier than the first half. Must have been the music change. Ahead of McBru?

Pang and Tong (China) - He doubled that toeloop...totally caught that. This program is missing something for me...seems to lack excitement. Not sure if agree with the placement here. I feel like the top three should be separated by less than a point. All made one big error.

Evgeny Plushenko (Russia) - Did he ever take a break from competition? Gosh! Quad...axel...brilliant. For me, it's all a bit too much with the crazy arms but I guess it works for some. That score with a double lutz? These judges are padding certain skaters in the GOE's and components a little bit and it's getting annoying. I loved the little lap he took after his program. You could tell he was genuinely happy to be on the ice again competing.

Ivan Tretiakov (Russia) - Who is this kid? Loved his short program...loved his outfit even more! Shame the little stumble on the spin.

Shawn Sawyer (Canada) - He is something on the ice. Shame he lands his jumps more often on two feet than one. Brilliant program as always. I think he is a perfect example of how EXACTLY to use your arms in figure skating. If I was a judge, he would have much higher component scores than Plushenko. But...what do I know?

Artem Borodulin (Russia) - Like Plushenko's clone! I felt like I could have put his footwork in any Plushenko program and it would have worked. I still don't get the crazy arms. Lovely jumps. Crowd loved it! Wow score.

Adrian Schultheiss (Sweden) - Totally unexpected music choice. I was expecting hardcore techno and got Christmas Fantasy? Somehow it was like watching a Tim Burton film. Good fight on the axel and solid quality all the way around. Abrupt ending though.

Florent Amodio (France) - Some amazing qualities. His precision on the footwork and the speed at which he executes is awesome. He was not up to par on the jumps today but I think he's a fine skater. Kind of reminds me of Johnny Weir...

Brandon Mroz (USA) - Hot Mess! Quad was a bust. Axel was popped. Maybe two footed the lutz right before the double toe. On top of all that the music choice was horrible. He doesn't have the personality (like say Ryan Bradley) to pull off this program...RETHINK! Felt bad for him.

Johnny Weir (USA) - I expected he would show up looking a little better than that. some of the most complex choreography I've ever seen from Johnny. He moves well to this program but it needs greater technical content. The comment. Again, I think the score was a bit high for his performance. Not 'quite' a Diva on Ice in the short.

Takahiko Kozuka (Japan) - Hated the music but otherwise a fine performance. He moves so easy...not an ounce of resistance as he glides across the ice. I question that he was only three points ahead of Weir, and for that fact, not right up there with Plushenko...I'm not understanding the judges.

Kevin Van der Perren (Belgium) - Cautious, careful, conservative. Heaps better than Finlandia but not enough to be competitive with the top here. Music doesn't seem right for him.

*As soon as Ice Network posts the ladies short and original dance on demand I'll post those comments.

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