Saturday, October 24, 2009

Rostelecom Cup Short Program Flash Pt. 2

Amelie Lacoste (Canada) - If I hear this music one more time for skating...

Jenna McCorkell (Great Britain) - Ouchie on the lutz. I like this music. What's it called...Totentanz? Who cares if you skated're married to KVDP!

Alissa Czisny (USA) - good then the botched axel. I like this program but I think she needs to bring it harder...more anger is needed, it's all a little too smiley. Bring out the killer instinct.

Ashley Wagner (USA) - Not a fan of this music but boy didn't she skate well. I miss the triple triple combo. Behind Czisny? Did I miss something?

Julia Sebestyen (Hungary) - I haven't seen her look that sharp in years. Footwork was a little too easy for a skater of her ability but nice to see her hit a program. Nice surprise.

Alena Leonova (Russia) - I just love watching her! She has a spirit on the ice that is just great. This music only works for flirty Russians...suits her! Spruce up the spins. Ahead of Wagner?

Miki Ando (Japan) - Heavy music choices for the ladies this season. Fingers crossed she doesn't become Mikisova Andokova. Gutzy triple triple attempt that ended up not really helping her. Program feels disconnected from the music.

Mao Asada (Japan) - I can't believe she left that triple axel in the short. RETHINK...RETHINK! Reports say this is the last time we'll see this short...I hope those reports are right. What happened to the joyful Mao...just sitting in the Kiss and Cry she seems sad, like she doesn't even want to be skating. Her The judges certainly aren't helping her along.

*Amongst the ladies 1st thru 5th is close!

**Ice Network is being too slow to post the OD. Just looked at the results. Only surprise is Rubleva and Shefer keeping pace ahead of Crone and Poirier...interesting.

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