Saturday, October 03, 2009

So Good...It's Scary?

I been pretty vocal about my 'distaste' for the format being employed at Nationals. That is, senior events spread over two weekends. I get why they are doing it but for those traveling to the event it makes it much more difficult. I simply can't be there for both weekends. And I can't personaly justify (mainly for the cost) flying out to Spokane to see only half the senior events or conversely flying out two weeks in a row. So for the first time since 2000 *gasp* I will not be attending U.S. Nationals (it pains me really).

But I'm totally a go for Greensboro 2011! That should fit into my schedule beautifully and so when I received their press release on their current All-Event Pass Promotion, So Good It's Scary!, I felt the need to expound upon all my blog readers how cool this is.

So, take 15% of an All-Event Pass...if (isn't there always an if?) Greensboro 2011 can get to 500 Twitter Followers (when I wrote this they were at 288). Extra bonus, certain All-Event Pass purchasers will win an autographed copy of Skating Magazine by Alissa Czisny or Meryl Davis and Charlie White.

So, if you are not on Twitter...get there! Then, make sure to follow Greensboro 2011 @NC2011.

Make sure to follow me on Twitter @skating102!

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