Sunday, October 18, 2009

Trophy Eric Bompard Free Program Flash

Inoue and Baldwin (USA): That was the best throw triple axel ever! Nice to see it in the program and landed.

Canoc and Coia (France): Fell in love with these two in the short...fell out of love with them in the free.

Dube and Davison (Canada): Pretty program...suits them well. Canadians always skate well to pieces like this. Feels Sale and Pelletier "ish."

Mukhortova and Trankov (Russia): Whoa! Solid solid solid. Oddly their "Love Story" does not feel Sale and Pelletier "ish."

Savchenko and Szolkowy (Germany): Total meltdown. What happened?

Hubbell and Hubbell (USA): I loved their free dance. Very relaxed. Suited them well. Needs more difficulty. Their more than capable of making this program super sharp and being competitive at Nationals for that third spot.

Navarro and Bommentre (USA): I love this program. Might be biased, it's one of my favorite songs. Love the flow and lifts. Disagreed with their!

Samuelson and Bates (USA): Nice program. Nothing new or unexpected from them though. Pretty pieces in Italian seems to be their thing.

Kerr and Kerr (Great Britain): Subdued and subtly brilliant. I like this team and I keep wondering when they are going to get their due from the judges. Anytime a woman lifts a man in a's an awesome thing.

Pechalat and Bourzat (France): This team reminds me a lot of Winkler and Lohse. Liked the program. Felt slow and didn't have the natural flow the Kerr's did. Time theme was well played throughout. I thought the Kerr's where a bit better...but what do I know?

Virtue and Moir (Canada): Really pretty. The lifts in this program are ridiculous. The one where she balances on her knee on his back and then actually jumps and lands on the ice...crazy! My one well concern is that the music is kind of bland throughout. 197.71...good but that's beatable.

Vaughn Chipeur (Canada): He's better than this.

*Side note...I'm over Pirates of the Caribbean as a music choice.

Ryan Bradley (USA): I'm not a fan of this program. The music is too fluffy and I feel he's not light enough on his feet. The jumps were a hot mess.

Alban Preaubert (France): There is something inherently interesting about him. I kind of feel like he's a hot mess as well but I love it just the same! Paint it of my faves.

Brian Joubert (France): This program needs help. As a World Champion he is capable of better than this. Without those quads this program suffers. I like foot sequence at the end.

Yannick Ponsero (France): This guy is capable of so much. So much speed...but be careful not to rush the jumps. He needs a little more expression with the music. Love the footwork at the end, program comes alive. I think he should have easily went ahead of Joubert...but what do I know?

Sergei Voronov (Russia): Careful...too careful. Some nice moments but ran out of gas at the end.

Adam Rippon (USA): I'm not as in love with this program as I am his short but it's still a fine program. Axels got away from him here. Again, amazing joy at the end of the program is wonderful.

Nobunari Oda (Japan): Genius! He so cute, he looks like he's about 10 years old. There was just a perfect amount of Charlie in that Chaplin and the jumps were spot on. Good outfit too...simple yet effective. Really well done.

Tomas Verner (Czech Republic): That quad combo was perfection! Skated with a sophistication at the beginning of his program I had never seen from him. Shame he ran out of gas near the end. Still, leaps improvement from last season.

Elene Gedevanishvili (Georgia): Carmen again (sigh). So so, needs more zest.

Carolina Kostner (Italy): It's getting painful to watch. Is there a secret retreat where skaters can go to get their heads together? I'm very surprised she finished 6th.

Kiira Korpi (Finland): May need to join Carolina...

Caroline Zhang (USA): Ho hum. She'll need to kick it up a notch to be competitive for the Olympic Team.

Alexe Gilles (USA): Feel like the pressure of the whole situation got to her. Cute program though, not quite up to snuff to compete with the other girls.

Mao Asada (Japan): I liked this program more than I had at the Japan Open...still feels a bit heavy but she skates it well I think. Gorgeous triple axel in combo.

Yukari Nakano (Japan): Not such a fan of this program but I liked the attack. Will not be easy to make Japanese Olympic team with this program.

Kim Yu-Na (S. Korea): Beautiful program (see video below). However, I think her scores are out of control. She should have won by a comfortable margin...not that comfortable. She didn't even do a triple flip! To have received the highest point total for a women ever is outrageous.


jumping clapping man said...

mahler "bland"!? take that back!

yes, carolina's bum must hurt!

and, brian and mao...they NEED to go to therapy!!! HELP...time is running out. or, perhaps brian's mother has been making too much "chicken orange".

we agreed on many fronts...check out my latest entry.

Laura said...

Love reading your flashes! I agree with many of your insights, including the Virtue and Moir free dance (sorry, Paul! I still love them).

jumping clapping man said...

yes, yes, i loved them too...i was confronting aaron's "bland" comment about their mahler program music.

Aaron said...

Mahler is beautiful...when I say bland, I wish the music had more rise and's all kind of on one level.