Thursday, November 26, 2009

Another Withdrawal

Hope your Thanksgiving is going well. At my parents' house and every woman in my family is zooming around the kitchen at warp speed so I stole away upstairs to the computer and I discover that Brian Joubert has withdrawn from the Grand Prix Final.

He injured his foot in a training session yesterday...apparently is serious enough that he'll need an operation and his viability for the Olympics is in question (Eeeeeek!).

"The 2009 World bronze medallist was training in Poitiers on Wednesday when he landed awkwardly while attempting a triple lutz and sustained a deep cut to his right foot, his federation said Thursday."

That would mean, should he accept the invitation, that Tomas Verner has now made the final.

UPDATE: Brian Joubert has successfully underwent surgery after sustaining an injury while training a triple lutz. It was determined that Joubert's foot was not broke and all the ligaments were fixed. FFSG president Didier Gailhaguet added: "It is a serious injury. The blade touched the bone. Brian told me he could see bone. It's not the first time. It is a technical fault which often happens to him with new skates. In addition, he is in good form and hence is less vigilant on his technique"

Hopefully this is good news and Joubert can be on form in time for the European Championships in Tallinn, Estonia and ultimately the Olympics in Vancouver.

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Anonymous said...

well, i guess US men's chances of getting an Olympic medal looks brighter each day.... Now would someone go whack someone else' knees already! The US men certain has lots of things to be thankful during the Thanksgiving Day! Wow, that was a bad word play joke! :-P