Monday, November 02, 2009

A Field Trip Around My Blog

I just got an interesting e-mail. The main question basically was: What all is on your blog and where can you find it? I had never considered it but unless you've really looked my blog over top to bottom you may have missed some things. So, come with me, I'm taking you on a field trip of my blog. Axels, Loops, and Spins A-Z!

At the very top is of course the title. However, every so often I change out the quote that's up there. It's always from a skater or someone talking directly about skating. Currently the quote is from Evan Lysacek..."I am not naive, I don't think because I won the world championship that I'm unbeatable. I think I need to be stronger and better."

In the right hand side bar there are lots of goodies! My bio is there as well as my e-mail address if you want to drop me a line about something interesting or just to chat. You can also tweet the current content on my blog by hitting the tweet button there as well.

The live feed shows where people who are coming to my blog are coming from. I'm always amazed that people from so many countries are visiting. I love that this is a 'global' blog.

Then you have the Twitter section. First you can see my five most recent tweets. Below that I have the Twitter accounts of lots of figure skaters that you may recognize. Some currently competing, some retired, some professionals...all amazing! This blog is totally Social Media 2.0 enhanced. I suggest getting Twitter and following all the skaters. Their tweets are great (sometimes even hilarious) plus you're always in the know!

Continuing further down (do you feel like you're in one of those tour groups in a museum yet?) you find all the figure skating blogs I follow. The cool part about this section is that it updates as the blog owners write new content. The newest post is always on top. We blog writers are very on top of things. I often get asked how I always know the latest news in skating...this is one of the biggest reasons why. I stay on top of the blogs.

Next we have skating links. These may be competition websites, general sites about skating that may not necessarily be blogs, etc.

Below that is my favorite blogs. Some are skating related...some have nothing to do with skating. These are just things I find very interesting so I'm sharing them with you.

Below that is everyone that is broadcasting figure skating globally. Should you need that link to NHK in Japan or SBS in Korea...look here.

Then, perhaps the most useful bit on the blog, is the labels and archives. Every post I do has a label (if it has no label...I label it tagless thus giving it a label). So if you wanted to see every post I've ever done on Michelle Kwan...just find the Michelle Kwan label and bingo, there you go. If you want to see what I wrote about 2008 Skate America, you might click the October 2008 Archive and see every post I wrote in October, including those on Skate America. Very cool stuff!

Way down there at the bottom of the blog (yes...waaaaaaaaaay down there) you find a news feed that searches for key skating words. Often times you can find the latest skating news articles from news agencies there.

Of course, in between all of this are my posts.

So there you have it. Axels, Loops, and Spins 101!

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