Friday, November 13, 2009

Hughes is Back!

So, for me the most exciting thing happening at Skate America is the return to international competition of Emily Hughes!

I confess, she's one of my favorites, and since I'm robbed this season of Meissner (and thus far...Cohen) I'm pleased as punch that Emily is in Lake Placid.

As a primer for her upcoming short program, here is an exhibition she skated to Mary J. Blige and Bono's One at Rockefeller Center.


Anonymous said...

Emily is my daughter's favorite skater. She wrote her a letter and Emily sent her a signed picture and a letter. Needless to say my daughter was thrilled. I hope she does well.

jumping clapping man said...

it is so hard to believe she is a MERE 20 years old, when she is treated like a grand dame of the sport.

Anonymous said...

Evan was nice and steady during the short. Good for him. Verner as usual, either do really well or collapse. He did the later. That French Brazilian guy was fantastic. I enjoyed his skating a lot. Touching background story.

Yuna will come in first even if she falls twice. Hopefully Rachael gets her groove back and should be able to come in second during short. Suguri will likely come in third. Emily probably fourth. Really not sure what's she doing in the competition. Will she be at the Nationals? Or this is more like an exhibition for her? She's always strong in the shorts but her longs always look so clunky.