Friday, November 06, 2009

NHK Short Program Flash

I did things a little different.

I actually live tweeted during the short programs (yes between 2am and 6am). You can see my thoughts by checking out my twitter profile here.

The Men's competition was amazing!


jumping clapping man said...

So, after watching the men's NHK SPs, I'm a bit perplexed. Joubert seemed quite overmarked, and Weir a bit undermarked. I felt that Abbott should be maybe 2-3 points ahead of Weir, but not quite as wide a margin as he had, even for amazing as he was.

And, Abbott should have been ahead of Joubert. Jobert gets the best SP score of the season? WTF? Joubert didn't land his last jump cleanly!?@#$ Yes, he has charisma, but that (and the hips) should only count for so much.

Anonymous said...

after short, it's very apparent to me that quad does count for something. Esp. after Plushy came back. Before Plushy, quad was just something that only Joubert does. But now it's a must have at the Olympics and all the men knows it. I think Weir look a bit uncomfortable as he skated. Probably because he did so badly at the last Grand Prix, he's still testing water. I'm glad he came through. Hopefully he doesn't fall apart in the long and prove that he still has what it takes. Abbot looked very trained. It was good to see him back after that disastrous Worlds. We shall see if he holds himself together in the long. The bottom line, Plushy coming back has up the men's field which is great. quad triple will differentiate men from the boys in both shorts and longs.

Aaron said...

I agree with anonymous...suddenly the quad is everything again! Do it, and you'll be handsomely rewarded (ala Joubert and Plushenko).

I think it kind of blows, but that seems to be the way it is.