Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Pic of the Week

I just keep thinking, "Sasha's blowing all of NBC's promo spots!" NBC is using Sasha all over their t.v. spots for their coverage this season but she keeps not showing up.

Of course, Monday we got the news that Sasha Cohen was withdrawing from Skate America.

I can't say I'm surprised. It sounds terrible but I just kept thinking, "Will she withdraw early enough for us to get a replacement? (luckily the answer is yes...enter Emily Hughes stage left)" Once she withdrew from Eric Bompard...I never expected her to make it to Lake Placid. when I heard she switched coaches and returned to Nicks I had a glimmer of hope but poor alas, the news came Monday.

Health is paramount and I hope Sasha heals and can be at Nationals, but my belief that she can be in a position at Nationals to make the Olympic Team is waning. Even given some of the sub-par performances the U.S. women have put down this season, at least they've put down performances and have somewhere to work from...a benchmark if you will. Sasha will not be afforded that opportunity.

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Anonymous said...

Not sure if this is the nail in her coffin. First I don't get why she's coming back since she has no chance of winning gold. She got a silver already. so what's the point? Second, I think she'll make the Olympic team if she skates like what she did when she was active. The US ladies are so pathetic right now that I would not be surprised that she blew them out of the water.