Monday, November 30, 2009

Who is John Wilson/MK?

Well...John Wilson is a manufacturer of Figure Skating blades...MK is the name of the blade John Wilson produces.

John Wilson/MK is also the title sponsor of the 2010 British Figure Skating Championships which wrapped up in Sheffield, UK this weekend.

While there weren't any surprises, it's worth noting the winners. Matthew Parr won his second consecutive title. Unfortunately for Matthew, Great Britain did not qualify a men's berth in Vancouver (sad face) but he will have the opportunity to compete in the European Championships in Tallinn. The Pairs title went to Kemp and King who will get to compete in their first Olympics in Vancouver. That was their fifth consecutive win. Also competing at their first Olympics is Jenna McCorkell who won her sixth title. The dance title went to Britain's most prestigious skaters, Kerr and Kerr, who took their fifth consecutive title and head to Tokyo this week for their first Grand Prix Final.

Full results here.

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Anonymous said...

That's not completely accurate in that John Wilson and MK used to be completely separate blade manufacturing companies. John Wilson bought MK and are now essentially the same company; however, they still have kept their separate full lines of blades.