Friday, December 11, 2009

Breaking News: Plushenko Injured

Uh oh, did State of the Skate get her prayer request answered?

Evgeny Plushenko has reinjured his knee. Torn ligaments and a sore foot according to this site.

The injury forced him to miss a show as he and coach Alexei Mishin have decided to treat the injury and hopefully be prepared for Russian Nationals and ultimately the Olympic Games. "I hope that everything will be fine and I managed to recover to the championship of Russia" Plushenko told press.


Svetlana said...

Since the praying used for such evil thoughts?! :-O
Let there be shame on all those non-humans! :-(

Aaron said...

I should clarify...State of the Skate absoultely did not pray that Evgeny be injured...I don't think anyone would pray for that.

She prayed that he not waltz into Vancouver and win simply because he's Evgeny.

Sorry if my play on words was confusing.

Anonymous said...

Looks like US men have luck on their sides. First Joubert, now Plushy, who's next? Oda? If Oda goes, there is a very big possibility of US men 1,2,3. That would be amazing. Has any country ever swept 1,2,3 at the Olympics figure skating in any of the discipline? I can only think of 1&2: Tara Gold, Michelle silver.

jumping clapping man said...

ODA ain't goin' nowhere! and, despite dice-k's recent wreck at GP, you just can't count him out.

but, yes, the US men do indeed have a nice situation here. however, it's impossible to tell the severity of this injury...and i'm guessing if anyone can overcome this it's plushy.

but, yes, i love anon's fantasy of a US men's sweep...SO very unlikely, but what a lovely fantasy!

Kelli Lawrence said...

"State of the Skate accepts no responsibility for Plushy re-injuring his knees by trying insane combinations."

--Moi :-D

(who has had knee surgery herself, comes from a family of "bad knee" athletes, and wouldn't wish knee trouble to a monkey on a rock)