Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Grand Prix Rewind

So we've come to the final...decided to rewind the clock and remember some of the highlights from each event.

Trophée Eric Bompard Cachemire - The big thing that stuck out to me was Kim Yu-Na's win and that big ole' score! Nobunari Oda made a smashing debut with his Charlie Chaplin free skate. Virtue and Moir impressed with inventive lifts in the free skate. Mukhortova and Trankov put down the best performance of their career to take the pairs title. Side notes: Inoue and Baldwin nailing a gorgeous throw triple axel and what are Savchenko and Szolkowy thinking about with that SP outfit/face paint choice?

Rostelecom Cup - Plushy's back! Davis and White just upped the ante for Ice Dancing this season. Side notes: Did Johnny just skate that SP with a pink corsett on? Alena Leonova knows how to light up a room!

SAMSUNG Anycall Cup of China - Shen and Zhao look as unbeatable as Kim Yu-Na. Akiko Suzuki...who knew?!?! Oda does it again. Side notes: Belbin and Agoto are impressive, but not as impressive as their main North American contenders. Evan Lysacek looks amazing...whoever is his tailor, nice work.

NHK Trophy - Brian Joubert re-found his did Johnny Weir. Pang and Tong are not going to let their countrymen walk away with this! Davis and White bring it again! Side notes: Did Ashley Wagner just win that SP? The ladies have got to get it together this season! Japanese men's meltdown...not a single one on the podium...eeek!

Cancer.Net Skate America - That's an Evan Lysacek that could be dangerous in Vancouver! Kim Yu-Na as well as Shen and Zhao are human...for the first time they look vulnerable. Belbin and Agosto bump it up a notch. Side notes: Props for Rachael beat Yu-Na! What's going on in the men's competition? Sawyer? Bradley? Cappellinni and Lanotte...surprise...You just made the Grand Prix Final!

HomeSense Skate Canada - Abbott nailed that quad and won...clutch! Savchenko and Szolkowy show how to win a I spy perfect 10s? Virtue and Moir...another big ole' score! Side notes: Again, the women...underwhelming. Weaver and Poje...out of nowhere! can't do that! Finally, what's up with the Canadian scoring bump?

What were some of your favorite highlights from the Grand Prix?

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stefvac said...

My highlight of this Grand Prix : Skate America. Just because I was there and it was amazing!! Lake Placid is wonderful, people there are wonderful... Evan Lysacek won ; Shawn Sawyer got his first GP medal ; I saw the effect Yu-Na Kim does on the people ; and I discovered Florent Amodio!!! Such a very cool skater... and very nice too!!
The bad things: Meagan Duhamel got injured there :( ; and Tomas Verner was sick and it affected his performances...

Overall... I think it was the best competition ever I went to.. followed very close by Skate Canada 2007. :D