Thursday, December 17, 2009

Last Minute Christmas Dash!

Christmas is just a week away...I know right!?!?!'s next week.  Ready?  Well, if you're not I'm here to offer you some help.  Full disclosure...I'm totally promoting sites and products of some of my favorite skating friendly peeps.  I don't think that makes me a bad person...

First, everyone needs a calendar!  So why not get them 2010 Figure Skating Calendar!  This calendar is awesome!  Don't take it from me...take it from the creator:  "This calendar is a 12” x 12” full color calendar featuring a uniquely decorated figure skate each month."

Also, buying this calendar helps Mojo.  If you don't know Mojo's should.  You can read about this Calendar at Mojo right here!!

Second, can't find the perfect something for that skater in your life.  Try some of Ice Mom's Ice Girl Skate Wear.  "Will Babysit for Ice Time," ingenious!  Hoodies, cap sleeves, ringers, v-necks,organics...she has it all with several different designs.  What a cool and original gift, right?

Finally, a news site that will fully premier in March, but worth mentioning now,  The Website, does have links to partner stores that offer skating products and might help you brainstorm some last-minute gift ideas.  This sites creator, Ryan Jahnke (might know a thing or two about him!), had the ingenious idea of creating a place where skaters could go to buy new or lightly used skating gear, sell their unused skating gear, and skating clubs get 5% of the proceeds.  It's a for all!

Know of other skating related places people can go for them in the comments!

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Edward said...

Not to be TOO self-promoting, but there's nothing better to throw on the ice after your favorite skater nails it that The Ice Queens Teddy Bear!