Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Pic of the Week

Dear Ottavio Cinquanta,

Really Speedy...really?

Is it really appropriate to send an e-mail to the head of a skating federation asking them to have a skater compete to raise the profile of an event so the event is more profitable?

Trying to cover your ass are you? I pray the head of the Korean skating federation flat out says "no." I take enjoyment from seeing you fail...not sure why.

I assume you sent similar notes to the skating federations of China, US, Japan, and Canada. If you didn't...well that would make you lame!

It's an Olympic Year so competitors aren't going to exhaust themselves with this very poorly timed and placed event. In an Olympic Year this event needs to be moved...I don't know where but move it somewhere...

And stop's unbecoming of an ISU President.


Anonymous said...

thank you for brining this issue.
It is possible that Japanese federation is to fault. They robby ISU president to pressure Kim to attend. They want Kim to attend to worsen her condition before Vancouver. This gives Asada better chance. Also widely spectulated is that Japanese pay several Korean newspaper journalist to write bad things about her.

Aaron said...

Anonymous...I think it's ludicrous to think that the Japanese Federation is behind this.

This is simply a case of Cinquanta wanting to raise the profile of an event...nothing more.


jumping clapping man said...

indeed...i LONG for the day when this nonsense ends...AND when we are not tied to the ISU, but a Figure Skating Union. BRING IT!!!

i am SO pleased kim had the foresight to know what event would REALLY matter for her, for posterity. why exhaust yourself? AND, if she's trying to stay away from the incredible pressure of her korean fans and audience at that sensitive time, she's doing the RIGHT thing!

Anonymous said...

Yes, have all the Japanese female skaters skate repeatedly and have Yuna skate repeatedly too before Olympic and then Joannie will come out of nowhere and steal away gold! Whooaaaaa!

nekome said...

Is 4CC used to be an international match for coming talents, isn't it? It was a big chance for skaters who could not take part in Olympic and World Championship to make their performance for the world and was also big chance for figure skate fans to enjoy the performance of uncut gems. Mr. Cinquanta is apparently misunderstanding "what is profitable" for the figure skate.