Thursday, January 28, 2010

You asked us for our opinion but what's YOUR take on the DomShabs OD controversy?

I don't believe they had any ill intentions with their dance...they just didn't do the research one might have expected from this high level of a team.

I do think they should make the costume adjustments that the Australian Olympic Committee and Aboriginal Leaders have asked for. I think they should review an authentic review of an Aboriginal Dance and adjust their program as appropriate. I also think after the games they should travel to Australia, apologize in person, and take some time to learn about the Aboriginal culture.

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Anonymous said...

I'm Australian and I'm wondering where did they even get the idea for this? I'm struggling to see why you would come up with something so far removed from what you know without properly researching it first. And it looked like a traditional New Zealand Maori nose rub greeting at the end, confusion reigns. I think they made themselves look silly, but equally I think it's perhaps being a bit hardcore to find it offensive.