Sunday, January 17, 2010

A Prospective Employer

In the coming days, a prospective employer will be looking at this blog. This new position for which I am applying is looking for someone adept at Web 2.0 Technologies (Twitter, Blogger, Facebook, YouTube, Digg, etc.).

I am asking you, my loyal readers, to comment and let this employer know just how good I am at integrating all these technologies together...on a global scale nonetheless!

This is a formal request for you to be my e-reference!

Thanks in advance,



Xan said...

Glad to oblighe-- you may not know it, but you've been one of my blogging mentors as I figure this stuff out for my own blog. Just checking out where you comment and what you do with your blog has really helped me. This old dog thanks you muchly for all the new tricks!

Xan said...

oblige. Gak. Can't believe I did that, especially after my facebook message!

Nica said...

one of the best skating blogs around, glad to acknowledge it!

Anonymous said...

absolutely the best concise source of intellegent information and links on the web. :-)

jumping clapping man said...

Yes, do you want us to email them to you, or post them here?

Aaron said...

Go ahead and post them here!

Queen of the Road said...

This is, simply, the go-to blog for figure skating news and analysis. Great, reader-friendly format, and you do a wonderful job of integrating with twitter and FB, as well as promotion via other sites.

Lake Placid Skater said...

Aaron's blog is quite simply one of the best blogs for figure skating news and predictions; being a fellow blogger, I enjoy reading Aaron's knowledgeable but accessible posts on what is going on in the figure skating world. Not only does he keep us informed on the blog, but also through social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. If an employer is looking for a master of recent web technologies, Aaron is your man! :)

Anonymous said...

I`m working in the communications field myself and I find Aarons site to be very informed, well written and user friendly. He`s also good at connecting social media (look at his twitter and facebook profiles for reference) and thus creating high traffic on his site.
Monica from Germany

Laura said...

Aaron is not just an insightful blogger, but he's also legitimately taken Twitter use to the next level in the figure skating community. He uses it to break news and promote his blog posts, and he has also used it to facilitate dialogues between skating writers, fans, and the skaters themselves. It's a level of interaction we never had before.

Anonymous said...

While I've been on Facebook and Livejournal for a while, I only started blogging in 2008 in a public way. Aaron was a huge inspiration for that. His blog not only has news and the fact but carefully thought out analysis. His use of his blog, twitter and facebook have shown both me and the world how to integrate new and upcoming technologies.

jumping clapping man said...

Yes, this is a no-brainer! I hereby vigorously champion/promote Aaron Harris of AL&S for this new tech job opportunity!

A) The relevant employer would be foolish to pass him up.

B) He's incredibly thorough and detail-oriented. He doesn't miss a step.

C) He's compassionate and caring. He always expresses his opinions and responds to others in a diplomatic and balanced manner. This is not to say he's "safe" in his opinions, but he e-listens as well as he e-speaks!

D) His blog is one of the leading national blogs for figure skating opinion, updates and banter. His opinions are respected for their clarity and careful consideration.

E) He's a nice/good guy!

F) He has really embraced the new media opps on the internet, and shared those openly with his legions of followings. He set the precedent (that I am aware of) for connecting the elite skating community around Twitter! He has connected fans from West and East (globally!) around their passion for this sport. He juggles his blog and his skating facebook page, linking them to really work in tandem, to effectively and virally get his news and viewpoints out there.

F) I consider him my online "brother"-of-sorts, in sharing my unabashed love for this sport, in a country where it's somewhat unpopular to do so openly, unless you're a tween girl (ie: as per the mainstream opinion of football, basketball and baseball fans!).


Emily said...

Hire Aaron!

SusanAtLifeskate said...

Aaron at Axels, Loops and Spins is an excellent Web 2.0 Technologist. He utilizes Twitter, Facebook, Digg, etc. very effectively and has built a huge skating community around his blog by being highly knowledgeable about skating and then spreading his passion for the sport by using social media. I highly recommend him.

Ice Mom said...

Aaron Harris is my go-to person for figure skating news and analysis. His posts are always on-topic and an interesting, good read. The posts are about current topics of interest and debates in figure skating and drive traffic from around the world to his site.

Aaron's posts generate comments, too, which fosters the interactive dialogue that builds a community.

Aaron is a social network leader among figure skating bloggers. He uses Facebook and Twitter to encourage his followers to interact with him and other figure skating notables about the sport.

Aaron has become a respected authority in the figure skating world - his blog carries a Google Page Rank of 4 and is the fourth-rated figure skating blog, according to

My recommendation is to hire Aaron, who will be a passionate, capable, and effective asset to your organization.

Diane (a.k.a.Ice Mom )

Kelli Lawrence said...

Count me as another fellow skating blogger who heaps praise on Aaron. The dedication and care with which he gives "Axels, Loops and Spins' is, as Dick Button himself would say, FIRST RATE!

As a working mom who doesn't have a lot of time for her own blog, let alone others, it's probably saying something that Aaron's is one of the only other skating blogs I visit regularly! Thanks, Aaron, for all your hard work :-)

Ice Charades said...

Axels, Loops, and Spins is my go-to blog for all things skating. Aaron has a knowledge of both skating and technology that is the envy of this blogger.

His site has created a family of skating bloggers that has helped us all.

You would be crazy to let this one go!

p!nkroma said...

Most of the posters here have already written what I'd like to say about Aaron so I'll just say that he surely will be a big asset to any company! =)