Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Pic of the Week

I would love to know what Amanda Dobbs' goals were heading into Nationals...

Did those goals include a top seven finish in the Senior Pairs competition? Even better, did they include a top six finish in the Senior Ladies competition?

Was one of her goals to go to the Four Continents Cup? And finally, was one of her goals to be in second after the short program at that competition ahead (ahead I say!) of the 2008 World Champ Mao Asada?

If those were her goals, than she's been highly successful. I was stunned to see Amanda Dobbs in second place as I checked the results of the Ladies Short Program at the Four Continents Cup. She's having a dream January! Realistically, it couldn't get much better.

Now the only question for Dobbs to ponder is to go pairs or go singles...but I say she's been rather successful in both.

Let me end this post by just saying...YOU GO GIRL!

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