Thursday, January 21, 2010

U.S. Nationals (Day Seven)

Scheduled Events for Today:

Senior Compulsory Dance
Junior Free Dance
Senior Ladies Short Program

Check this post for results and musings. I'll be tweeting during the Senior Ladies Short Program at 10:30 p.m. (Eastern). You can follow me on Twitter @skating102.

The Senior Compulsory Dance is over and is it close! Two battles shaping up. The Gold Medal battle between Davis and White who lead Belbin and Agosto by a mere .4 points! Then there is a battle for bronze as Navarro and Bommentre lead Samuelson and Bates by an even skinnier .24. I know, right!

The Junior Free Dance competition wrapped with no surprise, Shibutani and Shibutani nabbing the win (by 20 points!). Tibbetts abd Brubaker took the silver and Gilles and Donahue won the bronze.

The Senior Ladies Short is over and what a humdinger! The full results are here and you can read my thoughts in the flash above!


Vlad said...

Hi Aaron!First I have to say your site looks great!You do a lot of work here.And about today's ladies event-I can't wait this competition.I think it will be very interesting because it will be a great battle on the ice.Good luck to any skater!

Aaron said...

Thanks Vlad! Appreciate the good comments!