Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Pic of the Week

What now?

The Olympics start in 9 days and they will not include Sasha Cohen...what does she do? Sure she'll be headlining Stars on Ice but is this how her competitive career ends? An almost...a so close...a glamourless end to the story?

I am the first to admit that I was one of Sasha's many detractors this season. When she made her comeback announcement I was skeptical. When she withdrew from Trophee Eric Bompard I had serious doubts. When she withdrew from Cancer.Net Skate America I all but wrote her off completely. I thought, "No way is she going to show up in way."

When she actually arrived in Spokane she intrigued me. When she actually showed what she was capable of in a practice session she seriously sparked my interest. When she put down her short program (video posted below), she made me a believer again.

Now that I've seen how far she has come, in such a short period of time, I want her to push a little further. She made herself competitive with the top ladies in the U.S. in just a few months, imagine a little extra time? She wont be on the Olympic Team and probably will not go to Worlds but she did manage something in her trip to Spokane. At the least she guaranteed herself a bye to next years Nationals in Greensboro and probably should she accept, a couple of Grand Prix assignments.

Sasha...I say go for it and end your story with less fizzle and a lot more bang!


jumping clapping man said...

you really think she'll be back next season? i don't. i think that's all she wanted out of this comeback (well, excepting the olympic gold medal.)

Aaron said...

I don't think she considered coming back really nor was I thinking that she would...I just think she should!

Not An Expert said...

I totally agree. Sasha coming back for another season could add some much needed star-power back into the ladies, especially if Yu-na retires after Vancouver. I'd love to see her back for real. I'm not too hopeful, though!

Anonymous said...

I totally understand what you're saying, but I doubt Sasha has any motivation at all to do the GP circuit or Nationals next year. This was all about the Olympics, the spotlight, the attention. She will probably "keep her options open" publicly for any further endorsement opportunities/ publicity, but beyond Stars on Ice, I doubt we'll see her.