Tuesday, February 23, 2010

With Glowing Hearts

All over Vancouver you see one phrase, 'With Glowing Hearts' and I saw no hearts glowing any brighter last night than those of Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir.

Last night was one of those brilliant moments in sport when so many gave their very best. The top six teams all gave everything. Delobel and Schoenfelder who closed out their career with a heartwarming skate to the 'Impossible Dream.' Faiella and Scali, the master story tellers who enthralled us with their 'The Immigrants' program. Tanith Belbin and Ben Agosto, who just a year ago many though would be Gold Medal favorites here, happily accepted 4th place with a brilliant skate to 'Ave Maria.'

And as good as they were the medalists were even better. I was stunned when I saw how much Domnina and Shabalin had improved since Europeans and even they gave it everything they had in winning the Bronze.

And the only word I have for Davis and White and Virtue and Moir's showdown is epic. Two teams, pushed it to the limit and gave everything they had and them some and entertained audiences with the best free dance I can ever remember!

All season long I thought Tessa and Scott's Free Dance was a little too bland with their music choice but here, somehow, the music came to life and their skating was transcendent. As they finished their program I had tears in my eyes because it was so perfect. I was mesmerized and as big of a fan for Team USA I am, I knew Tessa and Scott had just skated their way to a deserved Gold Medal. As far as Free Dance greats...I think this dance is right up their with the likes of Torvil and Dean in 1984. Brilliant!

This morning Tessa and Scott was plastered on the cover of the Vancouver Sun and I couldn't be more happy for them. GO CANADA GO!


wagrobanite said...

Scott's reaction on the podium was just absolutely priceless! Like a little kid who parents just got him his first puppy :)

kortney said...

I fully agree on the Tessa/Scott and the music thing. It was kinda boring and whatever all year...and then all of a sudden, last night, it came alive and it was magical. I have tears in my eyes even thinking about it. I still don't necessarily "get" it, but I think that was a performance I didn't have to get it. It transcended space and time. Wow!!

Anonymous said...

not sure the fairness of the ice dancing but the grading of ladies sp was spot on.

Anonymous said...

It really helped to have this Olympics in Canada. But honestly, I would hope that these performances for Virtue/Moir could have won them the gold even if the Olympics had been in the US instead of Canada. It disturbs be that the location of these Olympics may have resulted in a little overinflation of V/M's marks.

Anonymous said...

I feel so badly for Davis and White. Never in my life have I seen a couple's scores leaped so much within just a month or two after Grand Prix final. Can one of you tell me when was the last time someone received close to 7 points at an Olympic game over their Grand Prix final score for free dance? I can understand that if they made mistakes at the Grand Prix final and because this time they skated perfect, they received close to 7 points over their old score. But the truth of the matter is they skated slightly better than when they were at Grand Prix final but NOT close to 7 points better. No ifs and or buts. That's end of the story. Hence the gross inflation of points makes you think that no wonder people think ice dancing is NOT a sports. just some pageantry with ridiculous outfits.

And do you think that Davis and White will come back four years later to win at Sochi? Yeah right. Last time I checked, Sochi is in Russia. Not gonna happen. The silver is as good as it gets for Davis and White. They really should have gotten the gold at Vancouver. But this is a subjective "sports" so I hope they were prepared for this. Hopefully they'll go on and win the Worlds. That's the consolation prize they'll get.