Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Evan Can Dance

It just seems fitting that this post should follow the previous post...the irony of it all...

Anywho, Evan Lysacek vaulted himself into first place amongst all the celebrities on Dancing With the Stars, despite two broken toes. His Quick Step set to the music of "Chicago" was well received by the judges. They are still picking on him about his feet. I guess going from skating to dancing is a tricky transition.

Even though Evan was the top point grabber, I still think he was outshined by Nicole Scherzinger who delivered a fierce Quick Step to music from the musical "Anything Goes." However, Derek broke the rules and went with a fun and playful routine chock full of choreography instead of a traditional Quick Step, which soured Len's grapes and caused the lower score.

Broken toes aside, Evan and Anna were picked to do the encore dance during last nights elimination episode. Anna and Evan were safe and it was Kate Gosslein and Buzz Aldrin that found themselves in the bottom two.

In the end, Buzz Aldrin was given his marching orders and sent home.


Anonymous said...

Aaron, please do not put things like this:
"instead of a traditional Quick Step, which soured Len's grapes and caused the lower score."

Len knows his shit unlike the other judges. He has been a ballroom judge (and before that a competitor) for over 30 years. Not to mention, it's only week 3. There is absolutely no reason to be giving out any score higher than 8.

You can make quicksteps (or any dance) fun without breaking the rules. It is possible to follow the rules. See this video of the 2005 US Showdance Champions:

Aaron said...

No, his grapes were soured becauce what Derek and Nicole did was amazing...rules be damned! Hahahaha!

Anonymous said...

This is a good show for Evan to be on. It showcased his personality a lot more than when he was skating.

Aaron said...

Exactly, I think the show is asking more from him on a performance level than he has ever had to give.

I hope he can take what he learns about performance from this show an apply it to his skating choreography. Making that connection with the audience is one area where Evan could still stand to learn a thing or two.