Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Evan Can Dance

Admittedly, I was slightly afraid for Evan this week knowing he would be dancing the Rhumba this week on Dancing with the Stars. Hip action....eeek!

But I was pleasantly surprised when he managed to almost look like he was feeling the groove. Hip Action...I give a B+! The song Evan and Anna got was the best ever!

The judges were right, his upper body is the best in the competition. I'm telling you it's those huge limbs (I''d love to see Michael Phelps and Evan Lysacek stand back-to-back, extend their arms, and see who has the longer wingspan [deleted off topic thought]...Phelps by a finger?).

His lower body, well, like I said...B+. The judges were impressed, Carrie Ann just wants Evan to connect the fluidity of his upper body with his lower body. Solid scores, but he slipped from the top spot back down to number two behind Nicole who delivered a fierce (fierce I say!) Tango.

Evan is still breezing by, easily safe. But c'mon America...stop sippin' on the Pamela Anderson haterade...bottom two again! Thankfully she didn't go home...that honor went to Kate Gosselin...finally.

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