Thursday, April 29, 2010

Evan Can Dance

Fall from Grace?

I will again explain to all that I am ballroom dumb. I don't have a clue what about what makes what a great dance if it isn't on ice. I just watch and go..."Oh I loved it!" or "That was kind of lame." I'm more concerned with being entertained than I am about heel-leads.

Apparently Evan didn't do a correct Samba and the judges nailed him a bit for it. Something about bounce, rise and fall, and 'party atmosphere.'

Well, correct Samaba or not, I loved it. The booty shake was especially impressive! His swing dance was less impressive and it showed as he didn't make it far in that portion of the competition.

Sadly, Evan fell from his lofty position near the top of the leaderboard into middlish ground with several other teams. Then he had to sweat it out until the very end of the show as he and Anna where the very last team to be granted safety before they revealed the bottom two.

Jake, The Bachelor was sent packing. His ballroom stumbles (it was like every week he was tripping up on his feet!) finally caught up with him. But I give him credit...I did like the 'Risky Business' bit without the pants (devilish grin).


Skittl1321 said...

I think Evan was way underscored by the judges. His samba was not very good, but it was WAY better than the dancers who recieved the same score as him.

I don't think I believe at all that he was "bottom 3" of the total vote. I think they manipulate the order they call them in to make us think that, but based on internet postings, I think he is quite high in the fan vote.

Anonymous said...

Skittl1321 it wasn't so much that Evan was underscored, it was that Jake (the dancer before him) was OVER SCORED. Same with Chad and Cheryl.

Evan, as much as I love him did not do a correct dance and was scored correctly. Aaron, if you would like to see a correct Samba, see my blog. However, Samba is INCREDIBLY challenging. And most ballroom dancers have issues with it when they're learning it.

And Skittl1321 is correct. Just because Evan left on stage with the bottom two, it doesn't mean he's in the bottom three. It's just to create drama.

Evan is still growing as a dancer, unlike Nicole (in his Rumba, he fixed some things that the judges told him to work on).