Monday, April 05, 2010

The Reader's Choice Final Five

All last week readers posted, tweeted, and facebooked their choice for skater of the year. It was very close but five emerged as the top vote getters. The five skaters you've decided to nominate for Reader's Choice Award for Skater of the Year are (in no particular order):

Meryl Davis and Charlie White

Kim Yu-Na

Xue Shen and Hongbo Zhao

Daisuke Takahashi

Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir

The poll is up over on the sidebar.

Bummed your choice didn't make the list? It was a really close vote. All of these skaters had votes...just not enough: Mao Asada, Evgeny Plushenko, Michal Brezina, Adam Rippon, Evan Lysacek, Ryan Bradley, Mirai Nagasu, Johnny Weir, Pang and Tong, and Joannie Rochette.

Happy voting!


Anonymous said...

Don't you think someone voted for Takahashi more than once? If that's the case, it's not fair (though I've just voted for him too).

Anonymous said...

So Reader's choice award was actually "who has bigger country contingent on the Web skating comunity?" Award. Baaahhh.

Considering the massive traffic coming from his country, no doubt Takahashi wins.

Anonymous said...

What is the point of this "award" again???

What did he accomplish? Ok, he came back from his injury to win the WC, but come on. Four out of top six from the Olys were absent in the worlds.

Who cares.

Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed Takahashi's performance!!
His performance made me happy and I learned how figureskating is wonderful from him.

"Four out of top six from the Olys were absent in the worlds."

I don't care.
He deserves to be called WORLD CHAPION.

Let's enjoy figureskating!
It's something more than WIN or LOOSE.

Anonymous said...

Are you asking the point of this award? It is to allow every skating fan to name the skater who you appreciate most in this season. It’s not a competition for the votes. You just nominate the skater who you enjoyed watching, and that’s all. You can’t order who ‘should be’ or ‘should not be’ awarded. If one skater gets this award, it doesn’t make other skaters ‘losers’. If you are really happy with your favorite skater’s doing well this season, he/she is already a winner.
If you don’t understand it…go kiss your Queen’s xxx elsewhere and let us enjoy celebrating our favorite skaters. I guess you're too obtuse to appreciate the fact good skaters can coexist without having their fans talk trash about their respective favorites.

Anonymous said...

Sorry,let me correct a spelling mistake!