Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Evan Can Dance

Dancing with the Stars infuruiated me this week...but more on that in a bit.

First let's talk about Evan who killed it this week. I mean it was something! I don't think he is the best dancer...but I think he has the best work ethic of anyone on the show. And hard work, as can be seen by his success on this show and his Olympic Gold Medal, can get you pretty far. He may not be outdancing Nicole...but he's out working her.

I had to take a cold shower after that was steamy, sexy, seductive, many "S" words can I come up with to describe it? And how about that score...season's first perfect 30. Not to shabby eh?

The group Cha-Cha was interesting. I hated that Evan was on Team Madonna because the song "Holiday" sucked in comparison to Lady GaGa's "Telephone."

What infuriated me was the vote! C'mon America! We need to keep the best around and I hate it when two of the best are up for elimination. Erin and Pam? What! How about Niecy Not or Chad Osoneedstobedoneo!?!?!

Pam, who was totally one of my faves, got the ole boot. It sucked so bad because she deserves to be there. Poop!

Well, at least Evan dances on!

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