Monday, June 21, 2010

ISU Cheers and Jeers

I'm still waiting for the full full report but here are some of the preliminary changes the ISU has gone ahead and approved.

Speedy remains President of the ISU...JEER!

Compulsory Dances are officially out and the Short Dance is in...CHEER (I know there are mixed feelings about this but I like the change.)!

The ISU is reducing the number of skaters allowed into an event and the number allowed into the free skate...JEER!

ISU World Team Trophy is an official ISU event now...CHEER!

Many of figure skating rules are now consistent across disciplines...CHEER!

2013 European Championships are given to Zagreb, Croatia...JEER (shouldn't that be Sochi's Olympic Test event?)!

2013 World Championships in London, Ontario Canada...CHEER!


l said...

Another change: Ladies can do the 3A in the short program.

Speedy remains President of the ISU...JEER!

At least it's only for 4 more years since he'll "age out" by 2014.

Aaron said...

Thank goodness on Speedy!

As far as women and triple axels they were already allowed in the short...and I think we'll be seeing more of them as they've relaxed the rules a bit on rotation.

l said...

Sorry, I wasn't clear. I meant that they can do it as their solo axel jump in lieu of the double.

Anonymous said...

Cool. Now Asada can do Triple axel and a double plus a triple axel. Eat this Yuna! (although I'm more of a Yuna fan! But I like to see some competitions!)

Gigi said...

Sorry but I can't agree with your cheer for the end of compulsory dances. Compulsories are the essence of ice dance and what set good couples apart from amazing ones. The precision, technique and passion necessary for compulsories are what sets ice dance apart from the other disciplines of the sport, and I avance now with much reluctance into the new era of dance which will now feature yet another 'free skating programme without the jumps', as many non-technie onlookers may comment. RIP Compulsories, I for one loved you!

Anonymous said...

"Cool. Now Asada can do Triple axel and a double plus a triple axel. Eat this Yuna! (although I'm more of a Yuna fan! But I like to see some competitions!) "

Wrong. You can't repeat any triple in the short program unless it's in the same combination (3 toe + 3 toe, for example). Mao would not be able to do a 3 axel + 2 toe AND a 3 axel on its own in the same short program.

Anonymous said...

but cup of russia 2013 could be in Sochi-so they are probably not worried.Maybe cup of russia 2012

Sharon said...

The Short dance will still contain compulsory patterns that will be selected each year. I like this. Ice dancers will still need to train CD patterns but it won't be as stressful as having to train 4 dances per season and competing 3 times at an event. There will be growing pains with this but in the end, I think it will be okay.

Aaron said...

I'm with you Sharon...I think this is a far improved situation for the athletes.