Friday, July 09, 2010

Anyone Actually Surprised?

Last week in NY Mag Johnny eluded to the fact that he wasn't doing much skating. Less than a week later he announces he won't be competing next season.

Really, is anyone actually surprised?

Susan @ Lifeskate has posted the letter that Johnny has issued to his fans where he discusses his withdrawal from next season's competition. In short, he has to many projects on his plate right now and wants to reinvent himself as an artist and athlete.
The main reason for my decision is to have more time to reinvent my skating. I want to create a new skating image for myself so that when I return to competitive skating, I can perform in a way that is both unique and inspiring. I say all of this in hopes that I will return as a competitor for the 2011-2012 season.

I'll put money on it now...Johnny will not be returning for the 2011-12 season. And furthermore, sorry Hardcore Weir fans, I'm willing to bet he doesn't return competitively at all. I think this letter is the "how do I gradually tell my fans I'm done competing without pulling the rug completely out from under them" type of statement. He'll probably keep us guessing through Sochi (to keep the mystery alive) and then pull a Michelle Kwan and "opt out."

And lets be even more honest, he had to scrape to make the Olympic Team this season (somewhere Ryan Bradley is pouting right now) and the odds of him making it again in 4 years...nil I think.

But can we get a second season of Be Good Johnny Weir? That's great television!

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Tonichelle said...

I'll join you in saying he's not coming back. Though I think he'll be more like Tonya Harding than Michelle. He'll pop up in the media for years go come right around the big competitions so he can hang onto that last little bit of fame.

His current tour in the spotlight is annoying and embarassing. For all the self love he portrays he certainly doesn't hold himself to a very high standard.