Monday, August 23, 2010

BREAKING NEWS: Kim Yu-Na and Brian Orser Part Ways

What happened?!?! Arguably one of the most successful coach/skater partnerships ever has come to an end. Korean news has reported that Kim Yu-Na and Brian Orser have parted ways. It is also reported that for the time David Wilson will continue to work with Kim (the translation makes it seem as if he would be her coach...not sure on this bit). David Wilson is currently choreographing Kim Yu-Na's new free skate.

More to report as more info comes.

Update: It would appear that Kim's mother as well and a representative from AT Sports met with Orser way back on August 2nd and he was informed then he would not be retained as Kim's coach.

"I am honored to have worked with such a talented and gifted skater," said Orser. "I wish her all the best as she moves forward in her skating career."

Let the speculation begin....what would cause the split?


Anonymous said...

"It is also reported that for the time David Wilson will serve as Kim's coach."

The google translation of the Korean article where they mentioned David Wilson is rather misleading.

The literal translation is "It seems that Kim Yu-Na will continue her contract with Coach David Wilson."

In other words, David Wilson will keep his job as her choreographer.

Anonymous said...

That she's going pro?

Amy said...

It's not strange at all that IMG drops a bomb like this on the day Yuna's All That Skate LA tickets go on sale. Wasn't this decided on August 2nd according to their statement? The important question is WHEN, not what.

Anonymous said...

It is also reported that:

Tracy Wilson was also fired.
Kwak Min-Jung will also part ways with Brian Orser.

It’s still not enough to know what's going on…

Anonymous said...

this makes it sound like yu na was really uninvolved and that the decision was made for her. something's fishy. i predict that she's either going pro or that there will be a reconciliation.