Friday, August 27, 2010

The Cardinal Rule?

The Cardinal Rule..."Thou shalt not reveal thy former students music for the upcoming season...especially if thouest be in a messy split with lots of press attention."

@alijolly on twitter remarked: "Is it just me who has never come across this cardinal rule before?"

I never had either. However, I do agree it probably shouldn't have slipped out of Brian Orser's tongue but I wouldn't classify it as the "Cardinal Rule."

Alexe Ainsworth writes at the Universal Sports Figure Skating Blog, "But now, it appears Orser has taken it a step too far by breaking an unwritten rule in figure skating - revealing a skater's music without consent."

The cats out of the bag! Kim Yu-Na's free skate for next season is to a compilation of Korean music, including the song "Arirang."

Somehow I don't think everyone is going to rush out and change their free skate. Laura Lepisto is not feverishly downloading Korean music in an attempt to one-up Kim (as if that was even possible). I don't think that big a secret has been leaked.

But shame on you Brian Orser for revealing one of Kim Yu-Na's tightly held cards. Even David Wilson is shocked you called her out. Clearly you need to spend some time with Johnny Weir and learn how to have a "Poker Face."

I'm being a bit sarcastic and snarky here because as much as I was shocked and interested in all this drama I am now equally done with it. I think there is plenty Orser is not saying, I think the crap that Kim's mom and her agency have been spouting is complete (pardon the French) bullshit, and I don't think Kim Yu-Na has written a single word of the tweets, website letters, social network messages, etc. In short, I SMELL A BIG ASS RAT!

Now what I'm most interested in is how two of the U.S. biggest rising stars (Adam Rippon and Christina Gao) are going to be affected by all this. I'm much more interested in their progress at this point than any other of Orser's skaters.

I'm over it! So are the fans.


alison said...

Totally agree, bored now. I am glad it has blown up before Rippon and Gao start competing this season and hope that the atmosphere at the Cricket Club isn't too awful for them and the other skaters. I love Yuna's skating and have been a long time fan of Orser adn just hope this all blows over asap.

Anonymous said...

Where is Tracy? I want to hear her or David validate Orser's words, because everything that has been floating around the media are 90% from Orser and his agent. Am I overly speculating to think that Orser and his agent have sat together and carefully put together their own version of "what happened" for the last three weeks before they took Yuna's side by surprise, totally unprepared PRwise, with their announcement?

Orser even chose the day of announcement to the first ticket sale day of the Yuna's US show debut.

Your speculation about Yuna not being involved is totally unfounded because witnesses at the Cricket club says Yuna and Brian have been visibly in bad terms since early May. Something definitely happened that shook her trust in Orser. Besides, there is this all Orser-Asada thingy. Three different accounts: Orser admitted to Yuna via email he sent in late April that he was approached by Mao'a agent. He gave the original mail to Phil Hersh who put it up in his blog so you can check it out. On the CTV interview held the other day, he denied that he received any offer from Mao's side. Then Mao's agent made a public announcement recently that they never approached Orser in any way about a job possibility nor offered a contract. So who is lying here? The timing of his email to Yuna, and the nuances of his words in the email bring questions of what his true intension was.

I think the reason for the breakup is very touchy for Yuna and he knows she won't reveal it. So He and his PR specialist sat down during that 3 week period and came up with the strategy of putting all the blame on the skating mom.

Christina and Adam are known to be Yuna's good hang-out buddies. Watching how Orser handles the breakup and treats their friend along the process, I don't think they (and their parents) will feel easy about their coach as before.

Anonymous said...

One thing I can say about this is that I am glad finally it is over. I don't want to speculate because Yuna's side didn't say much while none of Orser's words have been verified.

I just hope that all this mess didn't affect Yuna's desire to continue skating because it will be a huge loss.

Anonymous said...

I don't know if the media is done with the Kim/Orser drama, but I sure am.

Anonymous said...

Just one correction: He was not fired. He was just supposed to coach her until 2010 Oly from the start. Yuna team never ever promised him or told him that they would continue getting coach from him after 2010 oly. It's just contract expired!