Tuesday, August 24, 2010

ISU Rules Plushenko Ineligible

Lost between all the news yesterday about Kim Yu-Na was the ISU officially ruling that Plushenko is now ineligible.

Back in June the ISU stripped Plushenko of his eligibility citing that he had illegally performed in shows in March and April without consent from the Russian Skating Federation. Plushenko was given the chance to appeal the decision but took no corrective legal action.

In a press release, the ISU said Plushenko is ineligible for "any ISU activity." For now, this includes the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia.

The funny part is Plushenko still wants to compete. He says he will take some time this summer to consider his options and make some decisions concerning his future competition plans this fall. But I'm not sure what options he has at this point. Looks like Sochi likely isn't in the cards for him.


Anonymous said...

whatever Putin wants, Putin gets. You wait and see ... he'll get his medal.

Laura said...

The funny part is that the news organizations are ignoring how the Russian Fed. can apply for reinstatement... but that wouldn't make for such an interesting article, would it?