Friday, September 03, 2010

Do you think Evan will actually show up at U.S. Nationals?

I would think it's more likely that he wouldn't show up versus actually competing....

But I think there will be several factors that make this decision for him.

First his training and what kind of shape he is in. Without even a lot of practice if he feels like he's in okay shape and the jumps are still there he may give it a shot.

I think how his chief competitors are doing may also influence his decision. If it looks like Abbott, Rippon, and others are just going to cream him, he may opt to save face and not compete. And even if he believes he can win Nationals, does he feel like he could be competitive with the Chan's, Joubert's, and Takahashi's? To go to Nationals I think is to make a commitment to the end of the season.

Finally, his own schedule will help dictate his decision. If he still finds himself with other diversions (read: money making opportunities) , he may just choose to pass.

But I do feel Evan is competitive. And while I think his short term competitive skating outlooks seem less likely, I'm very much convinced that he would like very much to be in Sochi (that rhymes).

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