Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Skate Canada Fantasy Picks

So another Grand Prix event, more Fantasy Picks...here's what I've come up with:


I think Ladies A was the hardest of all my decisions. I went with the veteran Fumie Suguri. Maybe this is the year veterans strike back with Carolina's win last week as evidence. Chose another veteran with Ladies B although Meier has rarely been on form this early in the season. Ladies C was a no brainer with the Junior World Silver Medalist...I actually think Agnes is my favorite for the win!


Dance A seemed an easy choice but Crone and Poirier could put up a fight and surprise at home. Chock and Zuerlein seemed the easy choice for B and Paul and Islam looked like the easy choice for C as the Junior World Silver Medalists. No brainers...


Really watered down field...so much so that the choice for A is de facto. No idea who to pick for B so went with a Chinese Team...they'll likely land throws, right? Blind picked C and went with the energetic Americans...I've seen them skate well before!


Watching Nobu land those quad triples with such easy on YouTube makes me think he's going to do well here...that was a tough choice between he and Chan but went with Nobunari. Alban skated so well at this event last season so picked him for B. Another dice roll as far as my C pick is concerned...Japan seems to be skating well so went with Nanri.

Thoughts? Skate Canada preview coming tomorrow.

UPDATE: News that Sarah Meier may have injured herself in practice made me nervous so a quick change of the fantasy picks...I've gone with Haruka Imai of Japan for Ladies B instead.

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Anonymous said...

I would have picked Cynthia over Fumie since this event is in Canada and she's been skating decently. And I think Kristoffer and Grant are much more likely to do well than Nanri is. He's probably the weakest of the Japanese men on the Grand Prix.