Monday, November 22, 2010

Bland Weekend in Moscow

In General, I was very BLAH about Rostelecom Cup this past weekend. Very little actually got my blood pumping. I felt the ladies competition was boring. Miki Ando skated a clean but safe program to win. Akiko skated a pretty program peppered with little errors for the silver, and Ashley Wagner nabbed the bronze after a better but still not amazing free. Half the dancers didn't even compete leaving a field of medalists nobody would have predicted. The men failed to excite with Tomas winning with his less than spectacular MJ Medley (The choreo Hugo...the choreo!). We learned that Chan is beatable, he just has to fall like 3 or more times. And Jeremy may have missed his shot at Beijing with just a bronze.

The only thing that DID excite me about Rostelecom Cup was Kavaguti and Smirnov's Free Skate. GUSH! It's a thing of beauty and they skated it brilliantly. Tamara Moskvina has really put something special together there. Not sure on the outfits (Sasha's in particular) but the skating gets an A+.

How did I do fantasy wise...don't ask. The Men's and Dance events killed me! But somehow I keep moving up the overall standings...156th overall...meh!

Later this week a Grand Prix Final Crunch pre Trophy Eric Bompard.

Also, bare with work schedule has become haphazard so blogging and working has become...interesting. But...I'm still committed!


Tony said...

Don't even get me started about the fantasy game. I believe I was 20th before Cup of Russia, but then had ALL three of my dance choices withdraw, dropping me all the way down to 95th or something around that. Just my luck!

kortney said...

Yeah that dance competition was BRUTAL for fantasy picks - only 2/3 of mine withdrew, but seriously. It's a good thing that apparently most people picked them for their picks so I don't think it affected too many people in terms of up and down. I'm tied for 24th somehow, but so not pretty.

Tia said...

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