Monday, November 08, 2010

Jeremy Abbott is one of my favorite skaters, but it looks like he's had a rough start to his season. (still in old boots, unable to train fully, unable to train the quad plus a SP that has not been well received) How much trouble is he really in?

Full disclaimer...HUGE @jeremyabbottpcf FAN so likely a biased answer is ahead...

I don't think he's in any trouble. All skaters have gone through equipment issues. While it is an annoyance, most are prepared to handle it and I think Jeremy is no different. Even now he has, for the most part, worked out those problems.

Who hasn't received his SP well...I thought it has been very well received? I for one LOVE it and it seemed like the judges at NHK liked it too. His only deduction was on a silly spin issue. Crowds at All That Skate in Korea ate it up. I think his SP is easily one of the best out there.

Certainly we can't call a silver medal at a Grand Prix event a "rough" start, right?

As for the quad, it isn't like Jeremy is starting from scratch with this jump, he's been doing it for years. So even with limited training time, once the boot issues are corrected he can just reintroduce it to his program, polish it up, and I think it's all good.

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Lisa said...

I still think that Jeremy comes off as awkward with his new short program, but maybe it'll get better with time. It just doesn't suit him as well as other music he has used, IMO, although I definitely have to appreciate the fact that Jeremy is trying to step out of his comfort zone.

Anonymous said...

I love the music to Jeremy's SP. The choreography just doesn't seem to let him connect to the music the way he usually does. i miss that. There's none of the trademark Jeremy Abbott ease and flow in this SP.

The LP is wonderful, though.