Friday, January 28, 2011

U.S. Nationals - The Shorts

So I will pass on blogging about the ladies and pairs short programs...I wasn't there. But I can tell you I completely forgot Rockne was in fact competing here in Greensboro with Mary Beth Marley...I had to get reminded on Twitter. They are in fact in 3rd place behind Evora and Ladwig who are second...Yankowskas and Coughlin lead. Reigning Champs Denney and Barrett needing a comeback in 4th.

For the ladies Mirai Nagasu leads the way, followed very closely by Czisny and Flatt. Nice three way battle for the two available World Team spots.

I'll blog in full about the Pair and Ladies Free Skate as I will be at the events.

But I will talk a bit about Ice shock here that Davis and White lead big after a satisfying effort in the Short Dance. They were obviously the class of the field. I was very surprised at how well Maia and Alex Shibutani did at keeping up with Meryl and Charlie. The judges didn't quite give them the due I thought they deserved but nonetheless they skated great. Chock and Zuerlein are currently in line to nab the bronze. Barring big problems I'm near certain that will be your dance podium in that order.

The men were very exciting. The leader is Ryan Bradley who went for broke and brought the house down. Huge Quad/Triple Combo and Triple Axel, cute choreography, and audience repoire that wouldn't quit was just the recipe to nab the top spot. Jeremy Abbott had the lead for a good chunk of the short program nailing his skate (but no quad). Brandon Mroz is currently third after hitting a quad of his own. Young Keegan Messing impressed his way to 4th place and Douglas Razzano hit another quad to make the top 5. Adam Rippon finds himself in 9th after a disappointing skate.

Where I was sitting there was some discussion about Ryan's marks and if he should have actually won the short. I believe that Jeremy's program is far more complex but Ryan delivered the jumping long as it's close, I'm okay either way.

Tomorrow brings our first round of frees...get excited. I'll keep tweeting from the arena even though I can't respond back to your messages.

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