Monday, May 02, 2011

Dance Attack in Moscow

I must admit...I didn't see that one coming, especially after the Short Dance where I thought it was written on the wall! It's always nice when Dance results are surprising.

For me, this was the best of all the free skates. The top five in particular I thought were all great. This was helped I think by Pechalat and Bourzat skating first and having that oh-so-untimely fall. They got up and kept going but the rest of the field suddenly had a chance to get after a medal and they all went for it. Even Bobrova and Soloviev, who I don't traditionally like, I thought got after their music with gusto and passion, helped along by the Russian crowd.

But the podium! If you asked me in the 90's if a day would come when North America would sweep a podium, with two American teams on it, one winning the Gold, I would tell you "that's crazy talk!" Well...that day has arrived with Meryl Davis and Charlie White skating lights-out to take the World Ice Dance Title. In the year of the Tango, I've never been the biggest fan of this program. At Nationals even seeing it live, I wasn't crazy about the music but I've always respected the difficulty and precision they give the dance. However, at World's, my perception of this dance totally changed as they went for the dance with everything they had and then some. Charlie, working his but off out there, showing a little chest hair, not gonna lie...kind of sexy. Loved the attack and the passion and LOVED that the U.S. finally has won a World Dance Title...long time in the making.

Let's talk about the Olympic Champs who made their season debut at this competition. I loved their free dance! What a departure for them...I felt like I was watching scenes from "Strictly Ballroom." Ummmm...Scott Moir can shake his little booty! Pretty impressive considering they've been out all season. I hope they keep this dance because if they polish it a bit more it can really sizzle.

And priceless moment of the season, Maia Shibutani's reaction to realizing they hit the podium! Igor just kept saying, "You're going to medal at Worlds," and she had that look of sheer disbelief on her face. Talk about up-and-comers! We've known for a couple years now that team Shibs was something special but to, in your first season as Seniors, medal at Worlds...that's really something.

Can we say, Igor Shpilband, is the MAN! Who coaches an entire Ice Dance Podium!

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