Wednesday, May 04, 2011


Can someone answer me why the shelf-life for American Pairs Teams is nil? No wonder we constantly struggle in this discipline!

If you didn't catch this in the news wires...Yankowskas and Coughlin have decided it's the end. "I will forever cherish the memories and successes that John and I had together," Yankowskas said in a statement to US Figure Skating. "I respect and support John unconditionally with his future endeavors."

So Caitlin is looking for a new partner, John is 'weighing options' (whatever that means), and yet another U.S. Champion Pair Teams bites the dust.


Anonymous said...

It means he will skate with Denney!! Sad for Caitlin, but it will be like Denney/Barrett, but somewhat better. Never a dull moment in US Pairs!

Anonymous said...

Such a pity! re: comment above, why would John leave a successful partnership for a maybe could be good?

It would make more sense if he's thinking on not competing anymore.

Very sad and disappointing. I hope it wasn't lack of support from USFS that made John and Caitlin decide to split.