Wednesday, July 06, 2011

3rd Times the Charm

Third time as an Olympic Bid City did the trick as PyeongChang, South Korea has been awarded the 2018 Olympic Games.

The bid effort, spearheaded by 2010 Olympic Champ Kim Yu-Na, was met by thunderous applause across Korea with the new theme, New Horizons, leading the way.

PyeongChang has one of the strongest public backings for an Olympic Games in recent history.

As the announcement came, the cheers in the room was counterbalanced by the respectful sullenness of those delegations not being awarded [I recall the pit in my stomach when Chicago missed out].

"I am lost for words about now," Kim Yu-Na told the Associated Press. "I can't say anything right now. I'm really excited. It will be very good to compete in my own country." A clue that, with this announcement, Kim may remain eligible for some time to come?

Kim, a pivotal part of the Pyeongchang candidacy, gave a final emotional pitch to the IOC en route to the first round win for the city.

President Lee Myung-bak of South Korea put it most elegantly and simply, "We worked hard, we'll make you proud."

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