Thursday, September 29, 2011

Nebelhorn Afterglow

I've found some time to watch the performances. Some thoughts on the winners:

I love Spartacus but I'm not loving this music on Mirai...yet. I'm holding out that she is still working out the kinks and the program is going to blossom later in the season. Felt as though the climax of the program came too late after 3.5 minutes of tone foam. But the jumps (save that little blip on that double loop) looked pretty good. Mirai looks like she has finally grown into her body which is nice to see.

Surprise, surprise, surprise! I was having a hard time picturing Madison on the ice without Keiffer but smiled when I saw these two together. Such strides in such a short amount of time. I think this dance was sexy so some kudos to them for pulling it off. Making big gains in Ice Dance is next to impossible in the U.S. with powerhouse teams perched at the top but nice to see a new team and a fresh prespective.

This one could be a winner. Love Swan Lake and love this team. I think they look the part of Swan Lake. Tatiana is beautiful and pure, but definitely looks like she has a little bit of spunk and 'bad girl' in her. Maxim looks like a guy who given the choice, would choose the 'bad girl.' Sure up those throw landings and make sure to finish 'all' the lifts in the program and you have top quality skating here.

Yuzuru frustrates me a little. He is so talented. I want his coaches to scream at him across the ice and say, "SLOW DOWN!" When I watch him I feel like it's so frantic. I want him to figure out how to have impact without flailing and rushing. I love that he's chosen music from the Romeo and Juliet Soundtrack...I love even more the music from Romeo and Juliet he chose for the middle section of the program...but then he just flew through it at lightning speed. I wanted him to listen to the music and slow down and 'feel it.' For example, I loved the Ina Bauer he did...but I wanted it to last at least 5 more seconds. This is what I mean when I say 'reign it in.' stop...breathe...smell the roses...sometimes in skating it's okay to take your time. As an aside, loved the traveling cannon spin in his circular footwork.

Shoutout to Tatjana2541 on YouTube for posting all the Nebelhorn vids!

And Full Nebelhorn results can be seen here.


Ice Charades said...

Thanks for the recap!

cookie said...

I see what you mean about Mirai growing into her body... I didn't recognize her at first. Ditto on the music.