Monday, October 24, 2011

Skate America Cheers and Jeers

Cheers: To Meryl Davis and Charlie White dazzling with a "proper" waltz to win.

Jeers: To half the ice dance field tripping over themselves in the Short Dance.

Cheers: To U.S. Figure Skating selling a decent amount of tickets for Skate America.

Jeers: To U.S. Figure Skating holding Skate America in a venue so big it looked desolate inside.

Cheers: To Carolina Kostner for delighting with two great programs this season.

Jeers: To Ksenia Makarova for not delighting with two great programs.

Cheers: To team Europe who did very well at this event.

Jeers: To team USA that did "less well" at this event.

Cheers: To the judges for rewarding Savcehnko and Szolkowy's modern style.

Jeers: To the judges for not rewarding Denney and Coughlin after a solid skate.

Cheers: To Caroline Zhang for reminding us why we all love her in the short program.

Jeers: To the fact that Caroline didn't come thru in the free (but we still love her!)

Cheers: To Ricky Dornbush for suddenly becoming "cool."

Jeers: To John Coughlin's Mambo abilities.

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onemightymike said...

It is so strange to be watching youtube videos of performances from Skate America with foreign language commentary. I cannot believe that this event is not covered by any of the major networks. Sorry Universal TV does not count. So for that I give JEERS!